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The Outdoor Advertising regulatory program is based on federal and state law and regulations. The Department promulgates administrative rules to interpret the intent of state statute. Local governments often have their own ordinances which regulate outdoor advertising in their community.

State laws are found in Chapter 479, Florida Statutes. In addition to the state statutes, the Department writes administrative rules to interpret the intent of the statute for the general public. Chapter 14-10, Florida Administrative Code, is the Department's rule chapter which governs outdoor advertising.


Outdoor Advertising - Chapter 14-10 Florida Administrative Code
Posted: 22 October, 2015

Please see text of the proposed rule revisions below:

Notice of New Rule 14-10.004 FAC
Notice of New Rule in Effect as of 10.2015 Chapter 14-10 FAC
Notice of Proposed Rule Chapter 14-10 FAC
Notice of Rule Amendments to 14-10 FAC
Notice of Rule Repeal 14-10-0022 and .006 FAC
57507004 - Outdoor Advertising Permit Application - Revised
New Local Government Sign Off Pages

Note: Applicants should use the revised Outdoor Advertising Permit Application when submitting a new permit application.

Outdoor Advertising - Revisions to Chapter 479, Florida Statutes
Updated: August 25, 2014

Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1161 into law on June 20, 2014. The bill provides comprehensive revisions to Chapter 479, Florida Statutes and becomes law effective on July 1, 2014. For the full text of the statute and changes, please visit:


Outdoor Advertising - Rule Development Begins for Chapter 14-10 Florida Administrative Code
Posted: August 25, 2014

FAC 14-10 Workshop Notice
FAC 14-10 Workshop Agenda

Additional Information:
Summary of significant changes 
Proposed amended local government sign off pages (for permit applications submitted after 7/1/2014) 
Rule 14-10 FAC Draft Development 
Permit Application 57507004 Draft Development 

The current local government approval page of the permit application becomes obsolete with the changes to the statutes. Please begin using the proposed document for local government approval pending rule development.

FDOT Highway Beautification Programs Project Management Office

Outdoor Advertising - Chapter 14-40 Florida Administrative Code
Updated: 02 December, 2015

Notice of New Rule 14-40.003 (effective 12-02-15)
Notice of New Rule 14-40.020 (effective 12-02-15)
Notice of Public Hearing 14-40.003 and .020
Notice of Public Hearing 14-40.003
Notice of Change 14-40.003



Federal law (MAP-21) passed in July 2012 expanded the National Highway System by adding thousands of miles of arterial highways to the system. Subsequently, owners of all outdoor advertising signs along these roads are required to secure a state permit and comply with state regulations governing size, lighting, spacing and location.

In November 2012, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) began notifying owners of outdoor advertising structures impacted by the jurisdictional changes resulting from MAP-21. In an effort to streamline the application process, FDOT revised the Jurisdictional Notice sent to impacted sign owners and allows for a building permit to be submitted in lieu of local government certification and provides for sign applications submitted without a zoning designation statement to be permitted as nonconforming structures. These changes should help to expedite the permitting process for signs impacted by MAP-21.

MAP 21-Roads Recently Added to FDOT Jurisdiction for Outdoor Advertising (02.11.13)

Jurisdictional Notice Revised

MAP 21 Outdoor Advertising Control Questions and Answers provided by FHWA

Map depicting the MAP 21 National Highway System

Applications & Forms

FDOT Office of Right-of-Way Staff

The Florida Department of Transportation Right-of-Way Office is subdivided into seven (7) geographical districts with responsibility for the transportation facilities within their designated counties and a Turnpike Enterprise with responsibility for toll roads. Each district office acquires and manages the real property for transportation projects within their respective area. The central office develops policies and procedures under which the districts operate, conducts a quality assurance program to assure compliance with laws, policies and procedures, and provides technical assistance and training to the districts.


The FDOT Database contains an inventory of outdoor advertising structures, permits, accounts, and other related information maintained by the Department.

The outdoor advertising reports and queries available from the FDOT web site displaying information from the Florida Dept. of Transportation Outdoor Advertising Database.